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Chongqing Palm Springs International ApartmentGeographic Location

Chongqing Palm Springs International Garden is located at the New District of North Chongqing which was built in 2001 with an area of 136.6 square kilometers and a planned population of 650000 and is going to become the demonstration area for the investment environment in West China, the industrial base of new and high technologies, the core growth poles of the urban advanced economic circles and the display area of the city landscape, so as to realize the well-off society in an all-round way in Chongqing or even across West China.

New District of North Chongqing is south to the Chongqing Airport, next to the railway Central Intersection Station whose construction will be finished soon, and bus lines like No. 210, 212, 319 and four highways, including the loop highways surrounding the city and the ones in the city, as well as the 3rd line of the rail transportation traverse through the New District, just one kilometer away from the largest container wharf in West China, Chongqing Cuntan wharf. Therefore, the transportation is convenient, the terrain flat, and the location advantageous.

Its advantage in industry programming is also quite outstanding. In New District of North Chongqing, an export processing zone, an automobile manufacturing zone, an environment protection industrial garden, and a central emporia district have been built. The high-tech zone is an advanced high-tech industrial zone whose construction was authorized by the State Council, and it is also one of the five comprehensive reform trial development zones of our country. In the following five years, the High-tech Zone will make efforts to build three industrial bases, i.e. an optic-electrical industry base, a medical appliances industry base, and a software industry base, focuses mainly on four major predominant industries such as IT, biological engineering/new medicine, new materials and electromechanical integration, makes great efforts to build five incubators , i.e. the software garden, the pioneering park for the overseas Chinese scholars, biological and biochemical technology development zone for medicine making, opto-electrical technology development garden, the electromechanical integration development zone, carries out six programs, i.e. the programs of building industrial bases and incubators, developing human resources program, intermediary agent and social service system development program, investment and fund-raising system development program, and public administrative system development program, and create environment related to eight aspects of the social life, including legal environment, policy environment, system environment, HR environment, financial environment, market environment, residential environment, and public opinion environment. In 2007, the High-tech Zone will try to obtain a total income of RMB 75 billion yuan by developing its technology, industry and trade, the total industrial output value will reach RMB 60 billion yuan, and the revenue will be RMB 3 billion yuan. In 2010, the High-tech Zone will realize a total income of RMB 120 billion yuan by technology, industry and trade, the total industrial output value will reach RMB 100 billion yuan, and the revenue RMB 6 billion yuan.

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